About the Book


Miss Money Honey and the Riddle takes children on an adventure to help them understand the value of dollars and cents, and learn invaluable life skills like showing kindness, accepting others even though they might be different, and being a true friend. The book follows Jimmy, an elementary school student, through his return to class after summer break, and he cannot wait to see his friends! But when he notices his classmate Benny being bullied and sees his sadness, Jimmy becomes worried and wonders what he can do to stop the bullying. However, that's not the only thing on Jimmy’s mind, because he already has homework on his first day back in school!

His teacher, Miss Honeybee, has asked her class to come up with riddles about money. Each student is to present the clues of their riddle, and then, the class will try to guess the answer! Even while busy working on his assignment, Jimmy becomes more and more concerned about Benny being bullied. That very night, Jimmy has a strange and magical dream in which he meets Miss Money Honey and her Flying Piggy Bank. And Miss Money Honey has a riddle of her own for Jimmy! Who is her special friend inside the Flying Piggy Bank, and could the riddle reveal a possible solution to the bullying problem at school? By tagging along with Jimmy during his first days back at school, readers will learn alongside him as he discovers how to count and value money, and most importantly, how to stand up to bullies by standing up for himself and his friends.


"While simply and masterfully teaching the value of the penny, this book also teaches how to be a good friend, with acceptance and respect for all."
— Ernie Manouse | Emmy Award-winning Anchor/Producer, PBS

"What a delightful way to introduce young children to the fact that one's value should not be based on the way they look."
— Cece Thompson | Philanthropist and Executive Director, Spring Branch Education Foundation

"I like this story because it tells me what being a bully really means."
— Ann F. | 4th Grader

"Bullies are not nice, they hurt your feelings. I don’t like bullies."
— Brian C. | 1st Grader

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